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User will get all the information related to its favorite candidate here . From the family background till the candidate’s complete political growth all the information will be mention in details .Moreover the most thrilling part is all the features are customized based on the candidate requirement .
There will also be one Opinion Poll for the users where they will get set of question and vote their opinions to improve their party growth . User can see the overall statistic of its preferred party based on the ratings
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Feedback Form
If you have any issue you wish to report to your preferred Candidate , you can simply post it from the app with also an option attach any image if necessary .
Event Module
Occupied somewhere and missed the latest event update ? Well with this app there is no chance to miss anything . You can get all the notification regarding the upcoming events plus even if you tend to miss it, we already have saved it for you on app .
Manifesto and News
Exciting pictures, videos and all the relavant news related to your preferred candidate can be found here. All you have to do is play around with our app and stay updated with us.
We believe in charity and Good deeds . You can also support your candidate financially by donating amount from the app .
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The wait is about to get over. Our app will be exclusively available for both, our android as well as iPhone users

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